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So, you’ve heard about this stunning Asian escort named Jia? This chick’s a real charmer, guaranteed to take your breath away when she first walks into the room. She’s like a breeze at Schiphol Airport with her long brunette hair and warm brown eyes.

Jia’s a bit of an enigma – small but mighty, you know what I mean? Her body’s this little bundle that just oozes allure. And then there’s the Striptease thing she does – it isn’t just dancing; it’s like watching magic happen right before your eyes!

But here’s where things get even sweeter. Jia isn’t just all show; she’s also got a heart of gold. Her GFE service is like having a real pal who makes you feel special. It’s not about the flash – it’s more about connecting on a deeper level.

If you’re looking to bring someone along for the ride, worry not! Jia’s got you covered with her Couples Escort Service. It’s all about sharing those thrilling moments.

So, whether you’re just needing some time off or want to spice up your travels, Jia’s here to make it all happen at ‘Schiphol Escorts‘. Time to book and step into a world of enchantment.

Jia's Details


Jia is a petite, 21-year-old brunette with brown eyes and a small frame. Her hair cascades down her shoulders in soft waves, framing her delicate features. Despite her small stature, she exudes confidence and charm. With a weight of 54kg and a height of 167cm, Jia maintains an air of elegance as she moves through the room. She is of Asian descent, which adds to her unique and alluring appearance. As a Schiphol Escort, Jia provides a captivating experience for those fortunate enough to spend time with her.

21 yr
B cup

Jia's Rates

Here is Jia's hourly rates. Please Note these are the standard rates. Some services are not included in these rates, so Jia will charge extra for these services.

  • 1 Hour € 170
  • 2 Hours € 340
  • 3 Hours € 500
  • 4 Hours € 650

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